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Oaxaca La Maquinucha Ediciones; Taller El Alacrán 2017

handmade and handbound edition with duo tone and color plates, illus. endpapers, ... more

Price: $1,900.00

Santa Cruz, California Moving Parts Press 2019

2 accordion style volumes tipped-in each side of boards, each with separate front covers; on left side of boards: (29) cardboard pages with color plates bound accordion style tipped-in in boards; on right side of inner cover: (4) pages with b/w illus., sig., bound accordion style tipped-in in boards, plus... more

Price: $2,500.00

São Paulo Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo 07 de Dezembro e 23 de f

color & b/w plates, bios, wrps. OCLC: 874919786 ... more

Price: $85.00

Coatepec, Veracruz La Ceiba Gráfica; Ediciones Corneta 2008

printed on both sides of strips that folds of a continuous backing strip folded accordion-style (28 x 225 cm) with b/w pict plates, protected inside leather covers with embossed motif and two leather straps inserted in covers for closure ... more

Price: $2,200.00

Santiago, Chile Idunn Editorial; Foramen Acus Ediciones 2011

1 sheet (actually several sheets glued together at their ends) printed on both sides and folded concertina-style to form a book of approximately 100 pages, effectively on double leaves since only half the pages are visible without re-orienting the book. End sheets are glued to boards covered in black paper;... more

Price: $99.00

Bogotá Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá, Instituto Distrital de las Artes, IDARTES 2015

color plates, plans, diags., plans., draws., cat., brown wrps., dos à dos binding, two volumes bound togheter, wrps., COVER READS: Giovanni Vargas / Méndez-Ospina-Londoño ... more

Price: $50.00

Rio de Janeiro Instituto Moreira Salles 2012

color , b/w & duotone plates, facs., ports., plus(16pages), cat., bibliographical references (p.334-336), pict. boards. OCLC: 833050674 ... more

Price: $180.00

Guadalajara Museo de las Artes, Universidad de Guadalajara 2005

b/w and color plates, illus., cat., ports., bios/chrons., color pict. boards ... more

Price: $60.00

São Paulo, Belo Horizonte São Paulo, Pinakotheke, de 6 de Agosto a 5 de Outubro/ Belo Horizonte, Palacio das Artes, de 21 de Outubro a 5 de Dezembro de 20 2004

frontis, b/w and color plates, ports., facs., chron., appen., bio/chrons., cat., bibl., color pict. fldg. wrps ... more

Price: $30.00

São Paulo Imprensa Oficial do Estado, Paço das Artes 2002

b/w and color plates, cat., fldg. wrps ... more

Price: $10.00

São Paulo Imprensa Oficial; Museu Lasar Segall; Govierno do Estado de São Paulo 2013

color, duotone & b/w illustrations, ports., facs., map, bibliographical references, cat., color pict. fldg. wrps. OCLC: 840937415 ... more

Price: $60.00

São Paulo COSAC NAIFY; McKinsey&Company 2007

color, b/w, and duotone plates, ports., facs., cat., pict. endpapers, bibl., ind., pict. boards ... more

Price: $24.00

Guadalajara, Jalisco Museo de las Artes, Universidad de Guadalajara 21 de Mayo al 21 de Juli

color plates, bio/chron, cat, color pict. fldg. wrps ... more

Price: $10.00

Tijuana, B.C., Méx. Centro Cultural Tijuana, CECUT; Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes October 2008 - Februrary

b/w and color plates, ports., facs., bios./chrons., cat., fldg. wrps. ... more

Price: $30.00

Molrelia, Michoacán Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce; Ediciones Necias 18 Julio - 7 de Sep. 200

b/w and color plates, facs., draws., cat., color pict. wrps. OCLC: 466434025 ... more

Price: $20.00

Bogotá Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Septiembre 2008

color & b/w plates, ports., illus., facs., map., cat., color pict. wrps. ISSN: 1909-3543 ... more

Price: $20.00

Bogotá Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Facultad de Artes 2006

color & b/w plates., facs., illus., maps, chts., plans., diags., tbls., wrps ... more

Price: $15.00

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