4 Matches Found.

Curitiba R. Rientenbach 2002

b/w plates, b/w pict. fldg. wrps. ... more

Price: $25.00

São Paulo Annablume; Editora Champagnat 2007

b/w plates, facs., grph., tbls., map, bibl., errata slip inserted, pict. fldg. wrps., OCLC: 213376858 ... more

Price: $35.00

São Paulo FAPESP 2001

b/w and color plates, facs., plans, meas. draws., bibl., appen., ind., pict. fldg. wrps. ... more

Price: $35.00

Curitiba, Brasil Travessa dos Editores (2004?)

black and color plates, tbls., glos., illus., ports., bibl., color pict. boards ... more

Price: $90.00

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