EXPERIENCES OF THE COMMON GOOD: INSITE/CASA GALLINA: A PROJECT IMMERSED IN A NEIGHBORHOOD. In collaboration with the inSite/Casa Gallina team. "Published to mark the completion of inSite/Casa Gallina, the sixth version of inSite." --Facing Title Page.

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Place Published: Mexico, D.F; San Diego
Publisher: inSite/Casa Gallina; Installation Gallery (inSite US)
Date Published:
Size: 25 cm
Pages: (284) pages
ISBN: 9780964255418
Book Id: 111920


color and b/w plates, tbls., color pict wrps


Thirteen years after inSite_05 inaugurated in what would be the last edition of inSite located on the border between Tijuana and San Diego, this book tells the history of the sixth edition and five year project that tells the story of inSite / Casa Gallina in the nighborhood of Santa María la Ribera in Mexico City. The collective process of composition of this publication involved the neighbors and users, the permanent team (among which some are neighbors), the guests hired by the inSite / Casa Gallina team to perform specific actions (workshops, classrooms, artistic projects ...), to new guests (Writers who are not neighbors or collaborators and who were given the task of writing about the project). Therefore, this book is, among other things, a collection of names, of individuals who entered at some point in contact with inSite / Casa Gallina and its activities "...the proposal that although there would be artists invited to participate in residences of long-term research -mostly Mexicans-, neither they nor their works would be the main focus, but would constitute only one of the elements of a constellation of cultural, educational, scientific and communal-social organized by inSite / Casa Gallina with residents of Santa María la Ribera. Therefore, instead of exploiting the community to that it was at the service of some kind of reconceptualized notion of social art, the initiative would focus on the community in order to provide new opportunities so that you could think again as such, as community. Of all the inSite projects, Casa Gallina is the one that is least focused on art, but it is also the one that has done more to question the Curatorial conventions. Maybe, that's why it's the inSite initiative that has had a more relevant effect. (Pablo Lafuente). TWO EDITIONS; ENGLISH OR SPANISH PLEASE SPECIFY. CONTENTS: Telling the story of inSite/Casa Gallina / Pablo Lafuente -- Housing change -- A vegetable garden, a classroom -- Cultivated visions: the home vegetable garden -- A house is a neighborhood, a neighborhood is a house / Joshua Decter -- Open table: creating bonds -- The trust route: circulating support -- Prestaduría -- Business owns and designers -- A week at Casa Gallina / Jesús Carrillo -- Facebook Casa Gallina -- Vocabulary of belonging -- We are more than just those who you see here / inSite/Casa Gallina team -- Dialogues on display -- Universe 4-Zoo 1: a cabinet of the animal kingdom -- A minimal botanical atlas of Santa Maria la Ribera -- Living with water: getting to know the valley of Mexico City basin -- Dust: a critical reflection on the impact of mining in Mexico -- Allende-Apollo XI -- Marvelous economy / Víctor Palacios -- Green network: the power of seeds -- Newsletters -- New territories: A wager without a spectacle? / Michael Krichman and Carmen Cuenca -- The wake of neighborhood learning -- Mending holes with dinosaur patches / María Berríos -- The first gift -- While we're here / team acknowledgments -- Food and resilience -- Network imaginaries: neighborhood affects and the politics of locality / Josefa Ortega and Osvaldo Sánchez -- Local knowledges: defending the environment -- Accompaniment: unfolding paths as a work of art -- The wheel bears no resemblance to a leg / Erick Mayenberg -- Tropical depression / Edgardo Aragón -- Porcelain / Marianna Dellekemp -- Broken teeth / Mauricio Limón -- I am mandala / Cadu -- Five invisible haiku / Eduardo Navarro -- Wanderlust / Ana María Millán -- Vestiges / Rfiki Sánchez -- Unbraiding / Damian Ontiveros -- Mnemonic matter: the law of the similar / Osvaldo Ruiz -- Collective mapping / Iconoclastas -- Mestizo / Omar Gómez -- Collaborative sculpture / Tercerunquinto -- Floating crafts / Cynthia Gutierrez -- Child heroes / Itzel Martínez -- The thinking machine -- Some numbers -- Casa Gallina: nesting the imaginary -- Forged words: neighborhood dialogues -- Expanding the network -- Niches for temporary get togethers -- Shard futures -- Withdrawal into the public sphere / Nina Möntmann -- Registering localities -- Designing prototypes with collaboration tools -- Raising awareness about the flow -- Actors and programs: a chronology.

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