Rio de Janeiro: Edições Pinakotheke; Museu de Arte Modern Art do Rio de Janeiro, MAMRIO, 9 de Novembro de 2011 a 15 de Janeiro de 2012. color plates, bio., bibl, color pict. wrps. OCLC: 773176000. Item #99321
ISBN: 97885719107020;85719107

The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro presents the exhibition "Everything will be the color you want," with paintings and poems by the artist and poet Rodrigo de Souza Leão (Brazil, 1965-2009). Curated by Marta Ramon Mestre and Mello, presents about 30 paintings in oil on canvas by the artist done in 2009, three months before he died.
Among the highlights of the exhibition is the large painting "The meaning of life", with 1.50 x 4 m, which "shows a reading of the world through visual signs archaic and mystical," according to the curators. The curator of the show does not follow a specific organization, and focuses on free and compulsory that Rodrigo de Souza Leão created this set of screens in the last three months of life. Rodrigo painted the world around him. Haldol, for example, is the name that he took the drug for schizophrenia. The series Grids / losanges' was inspired by the grid of the house where the artist-poet lived. Died July 2, 2009, aged 43, after hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo suffered from schizophrenia, but their awareness of the disease made him a unique figure. "He was fully aware of his illness. His canvases depict dreamlike world of the unconscious. The images draw attention by presenting a portion of the world defragmented the author, that portion which served as a daily record in the last days of life, a kind of plastic instinct, "says the curator Ramon Mello, who has cared for his work at the request of the family of artist since his death. The works in the exhibition will be donated to institutions and no work may be sold, a family's decision to preserve the artist's work. In addition, the collection of the poet will be donated to the Museum of Brazilian Literature Archive Foundation Casa de Rui Barbosa. Contents: Minha Exposição foi um sucesso, Marta Mestre e Ramon Mello / Biografia / Depoimento, João Magalhaâes / Nuca injete Tudo, Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda / A pintura de Rodrigo de Souza Leão, um depoimento.

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