EL AERS DE LA SALU! TODOS LOS SECRETOS DE EL DOSTOR, NOS. 1 AND 2.; Publicación Oficial del Colegio de Dostores de Chile

Sanbtiago de Chile: Feroces Editores, Diciembre 2010. b/w and color plates, diags., facs., tbls., ports., newsprint. Item #98516

Feroces Editores was founded by two French, a Cuban and two Chileans in a restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia in 2005. Each of those present signed an agreement to create a "Feroz" editorial in their own countries. The editorial in Chile was part of a growing graphic art expansion when it started publishing in diverse formats the best cartoons and comic strips from the past and the recent production of the most talented graphic artists of today. The present newspaper-style comic publication for adults includes the collaboration of artists "doctors" Elvis Neira, Daniel Saavedra, Pedro Torres, Mauricio Cancino, Rodrigo Dueñas and "nurse" Jocelyn Medina.

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