São Paulo: MAM, Museu de Arte São Paulo, 2010. color plates, cat., pressed, stamped semi-hard boards. OCLC: 770231069. Item #98469

The exhibition features 22 works curated by Philip Chaimovich, inspired by concepts of André Gorz and are readings of the current approach on the social ecology. According Chaimovich, "the history of life on Earth shows that nature is catastrophic, with the cycles of activity on the planet almost destroyed all life on Earth in more than one occasion. The permanence of ecosystems is always provisional, and human life may perish, despite the efforts. " Another topic is how nature is understood today. At least a part of the answer of why nature is now seen as a harmonious and friendly place can be found in art, which has always portrayed nature and gardens like Eden. The exhibition is divided into conceptual works in various materials and living works, which are used in natural plants. Some of the artists include: Dias & Riedweg, Gabriela Albergaria, Jaardineiro André Feliciano, Nelson Leirner, Opavivara, Paulo Bruscky, Superflex, Yiftah Peled. ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE TEXT.

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