LOS SUPERSABIOS, NOS. 443, 444: BOUND WITH: YANKO: EL GUARDIAN DE LA SELVA, NOS. 443, 444.; Dibujos y argumentos por Germán Butze; Por Guillermo Vigil

México, D.F. Publicaciones Herrerías, 27 de marzo de 1964; 3 de abril de 1964. color plates, draws., color pict. wrps. Item #94758

In 1936 Germán Butze Pliver (b. Mexico 1912) started his most famous creation, 'Los Supersabios' in the Mexican newspaper "Novedades". The daily strip was followed by a weekly comic book. The comic book was published weekly for 15 years and ceased publication with number 646 on February 16th of 1968. Half of the comic book was occupied by the story "Aventures of Yanko", a guardian of the African jungle, a comic book written and drawn by Guillermo Vigil. Later the comic book "Los Supersabios", in a new phase was published by Editorial Joma until 1974 after author Germán Butze dies. The present collection corresponds to this original edition.

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