México, D.F: Turner; A&R Press; Galeria OMR; Conaculta; Inba, 2008. color plates, facs., bio./chron., color pict. boards, OCLC: 216939580. Item #88230
ISBN: 9789689056348

Born in the UK in 1965, Melanie Smith has lived and worked in Mexico City since 1989 Since 1989, life in the world’s third largest urban center has profoundly impacted her work, which reflects the city’s tensions and intrinsic contradictions. Trained as a painter, Smith’s work also encompasses drawing, photography, installation, and video. Using colors, textures, materials, and found objects from the urban environment, Smith examines the complex and chaotic visual elements of the twenty-first century city. In her detailed investigations of MexicoCity—from the air and from the ground, from the crowded grid of city blocks to the commerce on the street—Smith draws from the visual impact of the megalopolis, examining the ways in which abstraction relates to the urban environment. As a whole, the Parres Trilogy crystallize the artist’s concerns with the city—the defining setting of contemporary life—and our shared attempts to make sense of the world around us.

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