(Buenos Aires): El Clarín, (2006). b/w plates, ports., illus., cat., bio/chron., bibl., color pict. fldg. wrps. Sold as set. Item #82147
ISBN: 9507826459

4 volume set presenting a photographic and documentary history of Argentina since 1845. All images are from private collections and provides an interesting survey of documentary photography in Argentina. The first book includes 2 chapters: Chapter 1 "De los orígenes a la organización nacional" (José Carlos Chiaramonte) with some of the first photographic views of the city of Buenos Aires along with portraits of political and social personages of the 19th century: José de San Martín, Domingo F. Sarmiento o Justo José de Urquiza and scenes from the war of Paraguay; chapter 2 "La Generación del 80" (Ezequiel Gallo) with photographs of the campaign Campaña del Desierto, the governments of Julio A. Roca and Miguel Juárez Celman and historic images of the 1890 revolution de, the foundation of La Plata y and overall daily scenes of the 19th century. Second book, has 3 chapters: Chapter 3 "Del siglo XIX al siglo XX" (Fernando Devoto) that documents the arrival of the immigrant, the urban transformation of Buenos Aires with the creation of fabrics and shopping centers (Harrods and Gath y Chaves) and the celebration of the May Revolution, in 1910; Chapter 4, "El comienzo de la democracia" (Felix Luna) includes images of the presidencies of Hipólito Yrigoyen and Marcelo T. de Alvear, the 1918 snowfall, the leisurely walks in the Rambla, the boxing match Firpo-Dempsey and other social events; Chapter 5 "Gobierno e ideas de corte autoritario en un mundo en crisis" (Maria Saenz Quesada) documents the period from 1930 with the first military coup to the 1943 revolution. Third book comprises 3 chapters covering the beginning of the peronismo, the bloody repression of the military regimes to 1976 when President Isabel Perón was overthrown from power in a coup. Contents include the participation of expert historians Fermín Chavez, Hilda Sabato and Fernando Rocchi who wrote the analytical introductions of chapters: Chapter 6. "El peronismo en el poder" , chapter 7. "Gobiernos militares y democracias débiles" and chpater 8. "El tercer peronismo". Book four includes chapter 9 "La dictadura más violenta" (Luis Alberto Romero) is a graphic testimony of the violence of the 1970's military regimes, the end of the Falkland war (Guerra de las Malvinas) and the 1978 Soccer World Cup; Chapter 10: "La vuelta de la democracia" (Marcos Novaro) presents the most representative political and social events of the last 2 decades: the Alfonsín and Menem eras, the terrorist acts against the Israeli embassy, the economic crisis of 2001 and the first years of President Néstor Kirchner, the 1986 Soccer World cup and other events.

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