PINTURA PERUANA CONTEMPORANEA, SIGLO XX.; Ensayos: Cecilia Bákula Budge y Élida Román

Córdoba: Sala de Exposiciones Museísticas CajaSur, Del 11 de Mayo al 5 de Junio de 2004. b/w and color plates, cat., color pict. wrps. Item #81345
ISBN: 8479594675

The exhibition offers a panoramic review of the 20th century Peruvian painting through the biographies and critical texts of the most representative modern painters from the Indigenism movement of the early 20th century, the 1950's trends through a more abstract and figurative style and finally to the decade of the 1990's with younger generation of artists and their expression of reality in a information technology. Artists include names such as: Apuk Rimak, Heman Braun-Vega, Camilo Blas, Julia Codesido, Elda Di Malio, Sandra Gamarra, Ricardo Grau, Emilio Hernandez Saavedra, Macedonio de la Torre, Tito Monzon, Luis Negib, Fernando de Szyszlo, José Tola, Mario Urteaga and more.

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