São Paulo: Fundação Bienal de Sao Paulo, Associação Brasil 500 Anos Artes Visuais, 23 de abril a 7 de setembro de 2000. b/w and color plates, frontis., b/w and color ports., sepia plates, draws., facs., maps, chts., tbl., sigs., iconography, bio/chrons., recipes, cats., bibls., color fldg. pict. wrps. (N.B. there was a 14th volume, that was a small synopsis of the bienal catalogues and was not released for public sale). Item #56955
ISBN: 8587742140

PORTUGUESE AND ENGLISH TEXT. One of the boldest panoramas of Brazilian art ever produced. Unites selection of artworks from the most prestigious museums and private collections in Brazil and abroad encompassing pre-Columbian cultures to contemporary production. Each volume of this extensive work represents a unique exhibition:1. ARQUEOLOGIA/ARCHAEOLOGY. Figurines, amulets, neckbands, earrings, ceramics, funerary urns, and various other pieces form Amaz"nia, Marajó, Santarém, Guarita, Cunani, and Tupiguarani. Articles contributed by Edemar Cid Ferreira, Nelson Aguilar, and Maria Cristina Mineiro Scatamacchia. 200p. ISBN: 85-87742-05-1.2. ARTE AFRO-BRASILEIRA/AFRO-BRAZILIAN ART. Opens up an unexpected field of mutual recognition between Black Africa's great civilizations and Brazil. Provides historical information on the prestigious aspects of the art of the courts of Black Africa and continues through the predominate aesthetic proposal of post-modernist and contemporary trends of twentieth century art--independent of abstract or figurative language and of popular or cultured origins. Participating artists: Rubem Valentim, Agnaldo dos Santos, and Heitor dos Prazares, Pedro Paulo Leal, Mestre Didi, Emanoel Araojo, Niobe Xandó, Ronaldo RÍgo, Rosana Paulino. 200p. ISBN: 85-87742-03-5.3. ARTE BARROCA/BAROQUE ART. Exhibition on the religious works of Brazilian and Portuguese Baroque periods in the following topics: Portugal; Oficinas Beneditinas; Oficinas Franciscanas e Carmelitas; Oficina Jesu-ticas; Escola Baian; Escola Mineira; Goi s; Escola Pernambucana; Escola Maranhense e do Grao-Pará; Iconografia; Imagens Processionais; Talha Dourada; Oratórios e Presépios; Ténica; Prataria. 264p. ISBN: 85-87742-09-4.4. ARTE DO SECULO XIX/19TH CENTURY ART. Focus on portrait painting of 19th century Brazil, which was kept alive in monumental nature, characterized by a life-sized, full-body figure inserted into an urban landscape. Also includes some sculpture, still lifes, and landscapes. Among artists are: Manuel Dias de Oliveira, Padre Jesuino do Monte Carmelo, Louis Rouchet, Vítor Meirelles de Lima, Emil Bauch, Rodolfo Amoedo, Moanoel Lopes Rodrigues, Cândido Almeida Reis. 224p. ISBN: 85-87742-02-7. 5. ARTE MODERNA/MODERN ART. Among the featured artists are: Belmiro José de Almeida Júnior, Henrique Alvim Correia, Anita Malfatti, Tarsila do Amaral, Lasar Segall, Cândido Portinari, José Pancetti, Antonio Gomide, Cícero Dias, Aldo Bonadei, Maria Martins, Lávio Abramo, Alfredo Volpi, Almir Mavignier, Ivan Serpa, Milton Dacosta, Franz Weissmann, Maria Leontina, Manabu Mabe and Tomie Ohtake. 256p. ISBN: 85-87742-06-X.6. ARTE POPULAR/POPULAR ARTS. Traces a series of developments in an attempt to open a path for new insights concerning the little-studied universe of popular culture, which is nevertheless often considered "the most genuine manifestation of the Brazilian people." Some articles include: Artists and Artisans: Ancestry, Archaisms, and Permanences. In Introduction to Popular Esthetics, by Emanoel Araojo; Ex-Votos, by Cesar Ach,; and Why the Northeast?, by Lina Bo Bardi. 320p. ISBN: 85-87742-10-9.7. ARTES INDIGENAS/NATIVE ARTS. Presents a wide-ranging view of Brazilian indigenous art in terms of timelines, ethnography, and categories of objects. The exhibit includes samples dating from the 16th and 17th centuries and continues up through present day, coming from a great diversity of native societies and cultures. Includes everything from ritual objects to everyday utensils. Brings the expressive practices of the native peoples into the context of art and makes them participate in a non-reductionist revision of Brazilian art. 216p. ISBN: 85-87742-04-3.8. CARTA DE PERO VAZ DE CAMINHA/LETTER FROM PERO VAZ DE CAMINHA. Considered the heart of the entire exhibition. Presents the report of Cabral's discovery, an unparalleled document in universal culture that represents the original link that unites Portugal and Brazil, exhibited exactly 500 years after it was written. Includes an important set of artworks, some of which are leaving Portugal for the first time, to contextualize the profoundly meaningful event. Among exhibited works are 35 17th century navettes, most of which are silver, as well as works by 22 contemporary Brazilian and Portuguese artists. 208p. ISBN: 85-87742-11-6.9. ARTE CONTEMPORANEA/CONTEMPORARY ART. Among the artists are: Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, Willys de Castro, Nelson Lernor, Carlos Vergara, José Roberto Aguilar, Artur Barrio, Cildo Meireles, Lygis Pape, Siron Franco, Tunga, Iole de Freitas, Jac Leirner, Ernesto Neto, Leda Catunda, Pauolo Monteiro, Marepe, Vik Muniz, and many others. 256p. ISBN: 85-87742-07-8.10. IMAGENS DO INCONSCIENTE/IMAGES OF THE UNCONCIOUS. Works from collection of the unique Museu de Imagens do Inconsciente, whose artists are psychiatric paitients. The 20th century artists are: Albino Brás, Adelina Gomes, Antonio Bragança, Aurora Cursino dos Santos, Darcílio Lima, Raphael Domingues, Emygdio de Barros, Isaac Liberatto, Carlos Pertuis, Arthur Amora, Fernando Diniz, Arthur Bispo do Rosario. 256p. ISBN: 85-87742-01-9.11. NEGRO DE CORPO E ALMA/BLACK IN BODY AND SOUL. Artists point out the struggles, the pacts, and the reconciliation between the body and soul of the descendents of the Africans. Artists of different backgrounds offer their opinions with respect to the black presence in the country and within themselves. Exhibition slices out a cross-section of Brazilian art, beginning with the Baroque, passing through academic accomplishments to modernism and contemporaneity. Various articles, which contributions by Mário de Andrade, Machado de Assis, Maria Lucia Montes, Alberto da Costa e Silva, and many others. 560p. ISBN: 85-87742-13-2.12. O OLHAR DISTANTE/THE DISTANT VIEW. Representations by foreign artists of landscapes, people and objects from Brazil. Includes painting and photography of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some artists include: Frans Post, Albert Eckhout, Johann Moritz Rugendas, Eduard Hildebrandt, C.J. Marin, Joseph Leon Richini, Emil Bauch, Louis Compte, Claude Levi-Strausse, Orson Wels, Tony Cragg, and many others. 304p. ISBN: 85-87742-12-4.13. ARTE: EVOLUCAO OU REVOLUCAO? A PRIMEIRA DESCOBERTA DA AMERICA/ART: EVOLUTION OR REVOLUTION? THE FIRST DISCOVERY OF THE AMERICAS. Anthropological look at the history of art from a scientific viewpoint discusses various happenings such as the enlargement of the human brain, the creative explosion of the Paleolithic period, and the arrival of the Clovis in the Americas. Articles by Nelson Aguilar, Walter Neves, André Prous, and Edemar Cid Ferreira. 104p. Priced set. NOW OUT OF PRINT.

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