La Plata: Tercera persona, 2023. b/w and duo tone plates, pages are cut-out in the center, lined with black cardstock boards containing embossing different geometric shapes. NOTE: Inside, printing test and torn pages, are interspersed. The holes created by the torn pieces creates a void inside from which emerges the yellow color of the cardboard at the beginning and end of the book. Torn pices of paper from pages are included. One certificate of authenticity printed on a loose sheet, sig. Item #119317

SIGNED AND NUMBERED OF LIMITED EDITION OF 50. "Editado por TERCERA PERSONA (Leticia Barbeito Andrés and Juan Pablo Montero). Encuadernado a mano con costura francesa y papeles rasgados por Fa Taller Estudio. Páginas en papel de desecho de Imprenta con Mística (bookcel de 80 gramos) y papel colorplus de 120 gramos. Tapas de cartón forradas en papel negro color plus de 120 gramos. Ejemplar no. __ de la primera edición de 50 ejemplares. La Plata. Año 2023"--Certificate of Authenticity enclosed. TERCERA PERSONA is a collection carried out by Leticia Barbeito Andrés and Juan Pablo Montero since 2019. From the city of La Plata, they publish books and "things" from people interested in publications as a space of intimacy but also the artist's book as collaborative device, of action, of gesture or being a landscape in itself or a field of visual research. In total they have eleven proposals among which are authors such as Lulú Lobo, Marcela Cabutti, Celestina Alessio or Daniel Díaz Teruggi. Montero productions are based at Fa Taller Estudio, Tercera Persona and Imprenta con Mística. He is in charge of printing each of the EME books since August 2020.

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