Santiago de Chile: Hambre Hambre Hambre Editorial, (2022). 3 printed letter size sheets (paper in different color) and one folded poster, all inside white printed file envelope. Title from envelope. Item #118230

Includes 3 printed sheets created during the Publicocina, an experimental editorial kitchen project that was carried out during the meeting HACER(DES)HACER (BíoBío), where graphic artists created a series of afiches for the Apruebo Dignidad political pact. Artists included: Seba Calfuqueo, Mariairis Flores, the artistic duo Las Honorarias, Virginia Ramírez (Lo Doméstico), ONI 88, Laura Conde, Feli Castillo, quebrvdiza, tetaderecha, Daniela Josefina, Camila González. The 3 prints are not signed and author is unknown. Also includes one poster of the virtual event "Lumbung of Publishers" organized within the framework of the15th edition of documenta, held in Kassel, Germany between June and September 2022. The official launch of the virtual meeting III Encuentro de Formatos No Convencionales took place from July 6-10, 2022 and participants included: Cooperativa Cráter Invertido (Mexico City); Editorial Hambre (Santiago, Chile), Microutopias (Montevideo, Uruguay), and Relámpago (Colombia) amongst others. CONTENTS: Publicocina: experimentación gráfica colectiva (3 sheets) -- Lumbung of Publishers (poster). For more afiches go to

Price: $35.00