THE WORLD ACCORDING TO. IÑAKI BONILLAS. FRAGMENTOS; Editors: Ellen Blumenstein, Katharina Fichtner, Frank Kalero, Lopez Maribel. World according to, Nº 1

Berlin: Argobooks, 2009. visual poetry, bibliographical references (pages 60-61), wrps. bound with two loop-staples. Item #117659
ISBN: 9783941560192

First issue of the artist magazine published by THE OFFICE, Berlin 2009. Artist book seeks to challenge an artist to work in an unfamiliar way: using any source other than his own work, he or she develops an idea, a concept, a subject or a vision which can only be realized on paper. On 64 blank pages, he creates a special project by collecting images, texts, graphs, and/or by inviting artists, friends, family-members to generate content and to contribute to it. With a regard for the aesthetics and the conceptual practices of the 1960s and 1970s, Iñaki Bonillas’ (*1981) work is an investigation of photography, the photographic medium and the possibilities of the construction of the image. For the first issue of "The world according to", each piece of text is a citation as he opens his personal library for us. From William Blake to Roberto Juarroz and Georg Christian Lichtenberg. Texts by: W.H. Auden, Babrius, G. Bachelard, W. Benjamin, W. Blake, R. Bolaño, J. De La Bruyère, D. De La Rochefoucauld, E.E. Cummings, H.M. Enzensberger, J. Joubert, R. Juarroz, F. Kafka, J. Kerouac, D. Kharms, K. Krauss, G. Leopardi, G.Ch.Lichtenberg, F. Nietzsche, Parménides, B. Pascal, G. Perec, F. Pessoa, Príncipe de Ligne, J. Roth, A. Shopenhauer, E. Vila-Matas. Design: JealousGUY. CONTENTS: Fragmentos. ENGLISH AND SPANISH TEXTS. LIMITED EDITION OF 500.

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