Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Fulgor, 2021. bibliographical references (pages 58-59), color pict. boards. Its cover is hardcover with marbled paper, resulting in a unique texture for each copy. Printed on boneless bond, together with both endpapers on Nettuno Nero paper. Item #117131
ISBN: 9789560940711

NUMBERED OF LIMITED EDITION OF 200. The biological theory of Humberto Maturana, the philosophy of Byung-Chul Han and Lévinas, the psychoanalysis of Fromm, the poetry of Octavio Paz and Rilke and the reflections of the political scientist Chantal Mouffe, are some of the voices that this essay brings together to talk about of love. The author of this work is the host and they are their guests. They discuss the value and urgency of otherness. They agree that the experience of loving requires the presence of one or another to occur. Towards the end of the meeting they talk about design, incorporating Leonor Arfuch and Vilém Flusser, among others, into the conversation. The other is always unknown, a mystery that will never be solved. If I resolve it, if I assimilate it, it will cease to be another. So, what to do? For Maturana, loving is letting appear, contemplating without prejudice and without any expectation. If I don't allow the other to appear free, there is denial, there is no love. The design gives a unique possibility, the approximation and opening to the other or another is not optional. Thinking about the other, getting to know those others, is not only part of this work, it is its essence. CONTENTS: La experiencia del amar -- La emoción fundante: el amor -- La aceptación del otro u otra -- La universalidad del amor -- Estar separado del otro u otra -- Nosotros y nosotras -- Frente a ellos y ellas -- Diseño y la posibilidad de amar -- Diseño y el otro -- Los otros obstáculos -- Los otros que usan -- El otro y el diseño.

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