Item #117103 50 AÑOS DE ARQUITECTURA METÁLICA EN CHILE 1863-1913. Francisco Vergara Dávila, Monserrat Palmer Trías.


Santiago de Chile: ARQ Ediciones, Escuela de Arquitectura Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, (1970). b/w plates, plans, facs, pict. wrps. OCLC: 25298855. Item #117103

OUT OF PRINT. This first volume, edited in 1970 by Monserrat Palmer together with the Institute of History of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, constitutes a fundamental cadastre on the beginnings of metal construction in Chile. Along with its second volume, which covers the period from 1920 to 1970, they put together a complete panorama that accounts for the first steps, experimentation, consolidation, and development of canonical works of metallic architecture in Chile during the nineteenth century and XX. "The investigation of the modalities adopted by the relationship between industry for construction and architecture, from the industrial revolution, is a field scarcely studied by historians of architecture in our environment. The present essay that also illustrates the exhibition of the Institute of History of Architecture "50 years of Metallic Architecture in Chile: 1863-1913" is an expression of the first steps that the Institute has taken in this matter. It summarizes the works that in this period come from Europe to Chile or are built here. With this we intend to cover a triple objective: to clarify the use of iron in Chile at this stage, draw attention, especially to architects, on the degree of technical progress achieved and value works that, in our opinion, need to be considered on the same level as buildings from other eras that deserve to be declared national monuments. In these constructions perhaps lies in the audacity and timeliness of the solutions; prefabrication, dry assembly, large covered spaces, lightness, industrialization, that is, answers for a mass society" (Excerpt from the prologue). CONTENTS: [1] 1863-1913 -- [2] 1920-1970. OCLC: 6 records.

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