Bogotá: Villega Editores, 2019. color plates, color pict. boards. Item #116390
ISBN: 9789588818702

Thanks to his heroic work, we Colombians celebrate the bicentennial of our Independence and the full birth of our republican identity as a Nation. Women and men who penetrate jungles, win trails, deactivate mines and build roads. Human beings who, at this very moment, inside and outside of combat, traverse inch by inch the convoluted nature of Colombian territory, fulfilling a task that is decisive for the functioning of the country. Soldiers National Army of Colombia 200 years is a tribute to all of them - the noble and courageous soldiers of our National Army - who have honored us by putting their soul, their life and their time, the most precious assets of every individual, at the disposal of our society. To them who, far from their families, their places of origin and their loved ones, sacrifice themselves wholeheartedly to the constitutional service of our Nation. With a humane and respectful gaze, the Colombian photographer Mauricio Vélez has followed for several years this institution of Colombians who represent the eight arms that, as insignia, they carry in their hearts: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Military Engineers, Communications, Military Intelligence, Logistics and Army Aviation. Through these images, Vélez tries to communicate the realities that are lived behind the feat of protecting the constitutional rights of each one of us. They make us a real portrait, sometimes raw, sometimes sweet, sometimes exciting, sometimes tough, but always aesthetic and forcefully innovative, of the perspective we have of this institution. This book is not only a conglomeration of images of documentary invoice and artistic power, it is also a democratic act in which many hitherto unknown aspects of the institution are made available to the general public. The book is prefaced by President Iván Duque Márquez.

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