E.C.O: LA MEMORIA DE LOS OBJETOS.; Quinta edición de 20 ejemplares

Santiago de Chile: Velcro Ediciones, Enero 2022. b/w and color plates, frontis., ports., facs., draws., QR codes, saddle stich bound, b/w pict. wrps., exposed stitched binding (Japanese bookbinding), hand bound, digital printing. Item #115729

The Memory of Objects. Expansions of the popular uprising in Chile _ October 2019.This traveling work of the 5th of 6 mail art projects is currently in transit. and the publisher developed a pocket edition to support its dissemination. This project has us flying and sharing different experiences and activities thanks to its "custodies" who take care of and transfer the work accompanied by our follow-up. It is a postal work and collective archive that has been traveling for a year now and strengthening a platform of records available on its website. This work is born from our experience of collection and poetic-political resistance in the Plaza de la Dignidad and its surroundings during the 2019 revolt and from the desire to put the resistance of other territories and communities into dialogue. The six publications-parcels are traveling simultaneously in Valparaíso, Montevideo, Xalapa, Berlin, New York and Arica "What would a planetary E.C.O.nstitution  be like?   They are the social movement, the pandemic and a historical constitutional process in Chile, the triggers that prompted us to imagine a meaningful action. This is how E.C.O. “estremecimiento colectivo oculto” (hidden collective tremble), as an itinerant postal work, which expands the experience of the social outbreak of Chile, beginning with The Migrant Objects, which travels contained in an edition of 24 books designed to interact in different countries, cities and communities simultaneously proposing an exercise of reflection on human rights and universal demands. These packages are sent in a chain to people / custodians of different territories in Chile and abroad, and they are the ones who determine a direct action with the work and its context. Once the action is finished, the custodians assign the assignment to another person to continue with the fabric of the work." (artists statement). This publication documents: E.C.O. 05 Santiago, Chile 16 de Diciembre 2020 - 20 de Julio 2021 Custodia = Paloma Espinoza   E.C.O. 05 Montevideo, Uruguay 01 de septiembre - 09 de Diciembre 2021 Custodio = José Pepe Mujica   E.C.O. 05 Montevideo, Uruguay. LIMITED, NUMBERED EDITION OF 20.

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