Region del Biobío, Chile: Almacén Editorial, 2021. color plates, maps, tbls., recipes, wrps., hold with paper band. Item #115684
ISBN: 9789564018737

In the winter of 2018, Natascha de Cortillas Diego and Rebeca Olea Pietrantoni held four meetings of local cuisine developed in the cove of Llico, on the coast of Arauco, and in the rural locality of Poduco Alto in Santa Juana. Their experiences are reflected in this book. This project links the practices and knowledge of a group of seven cooks and a shellfish diver, who make visible a way of doing and thinking about the inherited and localized culinary experience, validating and recognizing the role of cooks within their local environment, as well as the social and cultural contexts that determine them, seek to establish local production processes such as the relationship between the resources of each territory and its consequent environmental balance, they show us nuances that attend in a transversal way to this territorial identity. "The recipes that make up this recipe book were built based on stories of the cooks of Llico and Poduco Alto." (HKB Translation) --Recetario. CONTENTS: Identidades y soberanías desde lo alimentario / Paula Fuentealba Urzúua -- Ser y hacer una experiencia culinaria -- Territorio y cocina -- Alimentos prácticos y técnicos -- ¿Quién cocino hoy? -- Norma Arriagada -- Ximena Cardenas -- Gualda Jerez -- Rodrigo Jerez -- Felicinda Martinez -- Fabiola Orellana -- Juana Rivera -- Maria Silva ; VOL. 2: Recetario Poduco Alto – Llico. LIMITED EDITION OF 300.

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