São Paulo: Fundacão Bienal de São Paulo, 2019. folded accordion style, with b/w plates, color plates, chron., b/w pict. wrps. Item #115331
ISBN: 9788585298692

Due to the success of the first edition, Linha do Tempo da Bienal de São Paulo is revised, expanded and reprinted in bilingual edition for the 70th anniversary of the 1st Biennial, now reaching the 33rd edition of the show. Originally published in 2012 as an experimental graphic project in partnership with Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo (Escola SENAI), the publication brings together, in a synthetic and easy consultation, the most remarkable data of each edition of the exhibition, such as number of works, artists and participating countries, title, curatorial team and a brief synopsis, in addition to the poster and views of the exhibition. In accordion style format, the publication literally unfolds in a line of more than 4 1/2 meters, and the layout of the blade dedicated to each edition of the event reproduces elements of the visual identity of that show, such as typography.Matarazzo Pavilion and a series of shows in the network of partner institutions throughout the city of São Paulo. Timeline Due to the success of the first print run, the Linha do Tempo da Bienal de São Paulo [Timeline of the Bienal de São Paulo] was revised, expanded and reprinted as a bilingual edition for the 70th anniversary of the 1st Bienal, covering from then until the 33rd edition. The publication is a concise and accessible presentation of the key details of each edition of the show, such as the number of artworks, artists and participating countries, the title, the curatorial team, a brief synopsis, and the poster for that edition of the event, along with exhibition installation views. contents: 1a. Bienal, 1951 -- 2a. Bienal, 1953-54 -- 3a. Bienal, 1955 -- 4a. Bienal, 1957 -- 5a. Bienal, 1959 -- 6a. Bienal, 1961 -- 7a. Bienal, 1963 -- 8a. Bienal, 1965 -- 9a. Bienal, 1967 -- 10a. Bienal, 1969 -- 11a. Bienal, 1971 -- 12a. Bienal, 1973 -- 13a. Bienal, 1975 -- 14a. Bienal, 1977 -- 15a. Bienal, 1979 -- 16a. Bienal, 1981 -- 17a. Bienal, 1983 -- 18a. Bienal, 1985 -- 19a. Bienal, 1987 -- 20a. Bienal, 1989 -- 21a. Bienal, 1991 -- 22a. Bienal, 1994 -- 23a. Bienal, 1996 -- 24a. Bienal, 1998 -- 25a. Bienal, 2002 -- 26a. Bienal, 2004 -- 27a. Bienal, 2006 -- 28a. Bienal, 2008 -- 29a. Bienal, 2010 -- 30a. Bienal, 2012 -- 31a. Bienal, 2014 -- 32a. Bienal, 2016 -- 33a. Bienal, 2018. ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE TEXTS.

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