HIBRIDO. LA LIRA POPULAR DEL SIGLO 21, AÑO 1, NÚMERO 1.; Participaron: 14 personas, 4 países y 9 diferentes territorios

Pichilemu, Chile: Ruta & Leyenda Ediciones, 23 de abril 2021. One cartonera style book, artisan made containing: one folded sheet made out of glued sheets, (33 x 21 cm. folded ; 66 x 84 cm. unfolded) with b/w and color plates ; plus 1 cartonera book made of recycled corrugated cardboards with stab stitching patterns bound and closed with white cotton string on all foredges (unopen); plus one folded tryptic mural made of recycled corrugated cardboards folded and with color plates tipped-in inner side (90 x 35 cm. folded ; 90 x 92 cm, unfolded), closed with a single thread of white cotton string. Item #115186

“A street magazine, dismembered sheet by sheet on used cardboard. A hybrid communication network, a new collective cardboard book. A collaborative experience for the human species (Also an art catalog).” This first number is dedicated to the World Book Day and includes photographs, writings and QR codes that with an electronic device with camera will link to videos, audios, workshops, readings and others. The second number will be dedicated to cultural heritage and the dissemination of some Latin American cultural initiatives. A contemporary meme of The Lira Popular which was a series of loose forms that circulated en masse in the main urban centers that appeared in Chile between the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th. Popular poets - with few exceptions, men of rural extraction transplanted to the city - published their compositions in verse there, where they commented on social events using the metric forms and the imaginary of oral tradition literature. The Popular Lyre was the fruit of a synthesis between the modes of expression typical of popular culture and the modern dynamics of circulation and reproduction of the written word. Through these sheets and, later, through other larger publications such as brochures, songbooks and booklets, the popular poets and artists forged an unprecedented platform to spread their voice and put the written word at the service of the people's feelings.
CONTENTS: La historia de los delfines: leyenda selk'nam / narrada por Karen Peñaloza -- AngePoesía / Angelica Gonzalez (Rengo) -- Infusión ? Winett de Rokha -- Amor.arte y fuego / J.R. Olguín -- Chiloe, Chile: Bibliolancha / Felipe Navegante -- Cochabamba, Bolivia: Yerba Mala Cartonera -- Santiago de Chile: web.

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