CAIDA LIBRE.; Pilar Berrio [and others]. Editores: Jorge Lewis Morales, Wilson Borja

Bogotá: La Cimbra Laboratorio, 2020. folded accordion style, with b/w plates, unbound, loose as issued, all in black box. Item #115123

LIMITED EDITION OF 115 COPIES. “Caída Libre”, a project of La Cimbra Laboratorio is a series of collectively assembled narratives built by means of the exquisite corpse technique where 33 Colombian illustrators were presented with the challenge of giving continuity to an illustration of someone other illustrator, knowing only a small part. Many Afro-Colombian artists are included. Each artist contributed with drawings that represent ways of seeing the decline, the fall, the uncertainty, the all or the nothing. “A book made in the middle of a pandemic that exposed the fragility of our certainties. Pablo Guerra” (HKB Translation) --Box. Participating artitis incude: Pilar Berrio, Julián Velázquez, Cristhian Contreras, Cocoa Fooxua, Lorena Álvarez, Pedro Villafrade, Jorge Lewis, Nathaly Cuervo, Soma Difusa, Andrezzinho, Luisa Uribe, Eva Bracamontes, Wilson Borga, Julián de Narvaez, Jorge Ávila, Ekiz Ache, No, Henry González, Jacs, Rubén Romero, Henry Díaz, Paola Escobar, Chubasco, Jhon Joven, Joni, Wasoma, Sandra González, Apitatán, Erre, K2man, Fernado Forero, Suaty and Santiago Guevara. The title of each section is the name of the artist that starts and finishes the drawings. The drawings were later presented in short GIF-like animations. CONTENTS: Pilar Berrio -- Julián Velázquez -- Cristhian Contreras -- Cocoa Fooxua -- Lorena Álvarez -- Pedro Villafrade -- Jorge Lewis -- Nathaly Cuervo -- Soma Difusa -- Andrezzinho -- Luisa Uribe -- Eva Bracamontes -- Wilson Borga -- Julián de Narvaez -- Jorge Ávila -- Ekiz Ache.

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