RETRATOS EN BLANCO Y AFRO : LILIANA ANGULO; Colección artistas colombianos, 9; Variation: Colección artistas colombianos ;; 9. "Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia, Programa Nacional de Estímulos 2013, Beca de Investigación Monográfica sobre Artistas Colombianos.

Bogotá: Ministerio de Cultura, 2014. color plates,chron., referencias bibliográficas. (páginas 200-206). OCLC: 945461182. Item #115116

Sol Astrid affirms that her interest in the work of Liliana Angulo is the product of several years of research, about the production of artists who have had a radical and political perspective in the representation of women in art. “The research analyzes the work of Liliana Angulo, who has dealt with the visual exclusion of Afro-descendant people from Colombian art, especially women, has decoded these stereotypes and has proposed new forms of visibility for bodies triply erased from the stories nationals for reasons of race, gender and class, ”said Sol Astrid. This historian and curator found that Liliana makes articulated questions to the issue of race, ethnicity and exclusion: "She crosses two unprecedented lines: the feminine gaze and race, there lies the greatest potential of her work, since it is an aspect little worked on in Colombian art," says Sol Astrid. The monograph applies tools of feminist theory to analyze the work, not from a reading of colonial thought but from a certain 'democratization' in reference to who has the power of the image, who produces it, for whom, where does it circulate, who does it circulate? have you overlooked? Printed outside of commerce.

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