Item #115039 INFLUENCIAS EXTRANJERAS EN LA COCINA POBLANA. Alicia Flores Ramírez, Coord.


Puebla: BUAP (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma De Puebla), 2020. color plates, recipes, color pict. wrps. Item #115039
ISBN: 9786075256863

The fame of the cuisine of Puebla is not free, the cradle of some of the dishes of the highest gastronomy in the country (and in the world, if we consider the fact that it is a world heritage site). Its geographical position implies a complex plurality of mountains, valleys, mountains, rivers and springs and borders other key states that, together, almost necessarily lead to the development of a diet that is transformed into art. It is known that in the Tehuacán valley there are remains of very old corn crops and around 6700 BC. C. "its inhabitants already cultivated avocado and squash and included amaranth, chili and beans in their diet", among a considerable variety of birds, fish, algae, mussels and minerals such as tequesquite; To this foundation was added the presence of the large number of imported products from Europe, from which colonial cuisine and its conventual delicacies will gain more than fame and, as our authors explain, cultures such as Turkish or Lebanese will be integrated. the Italian, or the blackness that arrives as a slave and that will contribute their own for one of the most interesting gastronomies in Mexico. In addition, Puebla cuisine is not only a concept, it is also a place, a colorful place with long stoves and beautiful clay pots that decorate the wide walls of the colonial house, where the most pleasant hours will be spent while cooking and cooking. chat; It is there where women historically organized, administered, conceived, nurtured and determined, the other half of history, not as the only setting but as a metaphor for the universe of the ephemeral, of the body and health, of the harmony and stability that they are required to trace very deeply the future of the peoples. And it is this becoming that is about Foreign influences in Puebla cuisine.CONTENTS: Prólogo -- Cocina de identidaes / Ana Franco Ortuño -- Las cuatro raices de nuestra cocina / Alicia Flores -- La Nao de la China: herencia y destino / Patricia Galán -- La botica de los aromas / Viridiana Vera -- Oro liquido / Maria de Jesús González -- Por un plato de lentejas / Alicia Flores -- Tacos ¿árabes? / Luz del Carmen Oropeza Tanús -- Cordero que quita pecatta mundi / Martha Porras -- Chipilo: La pequeña Italia de Puebla / Alejandro Dominguez -- La presencia árabe en los Chiles en nogada / ANa Ma. Huerta Jaramillo -- Acerca de los autores. LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.

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