COZINHA PANTANEIRA: COMITIVA DE SABORES; IMAGENS: Luna Garcia. Projeto grafico: Ciro Girard.

São Paulo: BEI, 2020. color plates, recipes, bibliographical references (p.178-179), enspapers, color pict. soft boards. Item #114777
ISBN: 9786586205022

Fruit of an expedition that passed through Aquidauana, Miranda, Corumbá, Nhecolândia, Poconé and the Serra do Amolar, Pantaneira cuisine: A flavorset tells the story of the Pantanal through food habits and daily rituals in the region. The book is divided into six chapters, each dedicated to a type of food: entourage, party, farm, market, city and indigenous. Delicious tribute to the Pantanal culture, the volume has 65 recipes. More than a cookbook, the reader will have in hand an important record of a cuisine rich in flavors and multiple in its origins. As it could not be in a continental and multicultural country like Brazil, the cuisine of the Pantanal is made of a lot of mix and no minimalism. We find in the pages of this book a profusion of condiments and seasonings, vegetables, fruit and preserves, broths, fish and meat - in recipes that take advantage of all parts of the animal. The volume includes texts by Cristiana Couto, photography by Luna Garcia and preface by chef Mara Salles. "Unlike other regions of the planet where gastronomy and human action helped to map small terroirs full of personality and flavors, biomes in Brazil are extensive, at least as far as we started to classify them and to what extent our vast geography has shaped them Demarcating the small gastronomic singularities, which local culture has always produced, is rarely done systematically The Pantanal region is a great example: it always tends to be considered a single spot of physical and human characteristics. however, this is not the case. Paulo Machado, a profound connoisseur and promoter of the cuisine (and culture) of this area, went after the diversity that he identifies in every corner - and in every state - of the vast Pantanal: what is cooked and eats in collective activities (cowboys' gatherings, popular festivals), in social spaces (farms, markets, different cities), in addition to investigating the indigenous roots of Ga culture local stronomic. A necessary exercise, to be replicated throughout Brazil. ” (Fourth cover text, by Josimar Melo, our translation.).

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