GEOLOGÍA PARA TERRICOLAS.; Textos: Roxanna Erdman. Ilustraciones: Ulises Mora

México, D.F: inSite / Casa Gallina, 2018. color plates, draws., color pict. boards. Item #113713

"Geology for Earthlings" is a book designed for those who live in Santa María La Ribera and visit the Museo de Geología. The book’s purpose is to encourage a critical vision of our relationship with the planet and its nonrenewable natural resources, such as soil, water, and minerals. he book addresses children and teenagers as well as the child in every adult neighbor, their curiosity and hope for a better life in harmony with the environment. The stories take place inside the Museo de Geología, and their goal is to reinforce our love and responsibility of nature. In the form of a graphic novel, the book is based on the surprise experienced by an extraterrestrial, who, while exploring earth for the first time, unwittingly lands in the Museo de Geología. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and protecting natural resources. The book also explains why geological resources are key to the regeneration and protection of the environment, and encourages the reader to rethink the impulses behind mining that have guided the traditional understanding of the use of vital natural resources. The book also refers to the vast geological collection of the Museo de Geología. The book was distributed free of charge to students in the neighborhood’s public schools, and was a key part of the didactic material used in the series of summer courses offered through inSite/Casa Gallina in 2018. LIMITED EDITION OF 1000.

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