Item #112368 REFLECTIONS OF GUATEMALA: COSTUME AND LIFE IN THE 19TH CENTURY. Coryn Greatorex-Bell, Christopher H. Lutz.


Guatemala: Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica, CIRMA; Wellfleet, MA : Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies, 2016. b/w and color plates, facs., maps, bibliographical references (pages 357-365) and index, color pict. d.j. Item #112368
ISBN: 9780910443289

The initial impetus for this book was the discovery in Paris of Léonce Angrand's three pencil sketchbooks and a book of watercolors of Guatemala. Close study of them reveled Léonce Angrand's delightful, whimsical and finely executed of Guatemalan Maya, Ladinos and local residents in various costumes and which were painted in the 1860's. These watercolors are considered one of the earlier colored illustrations of Guatemala. CONTENTS: PART ONE / Corin Greatorex-Bell -- Introduction. About the book -- Chapter one. Leonce Angrand: some facts about his life and career -- Chapter two. Haefkens and Galindo -- Chapter three. Juan Galindo 1802-39. A brief resumé of his life and work -- Chapter four Angrand's watercolours based on Galindo's sketches of certain towns -- Chapter five. An introduction to our existing knowledge on early Guatemalan dress -- Chapter six. Cofradias -- Chapter seven. Men's dress -- Chapter eight. Women's dress -- Chapter nine. Some aspects of textile production in Guatemala: materials, looms, tribute requirements, la Sociedad Económica, the decline of the industry in the early nineteenth century -- Chapter ten. Wool production in Guatemala -- Chapter eleven. Foot looms -- Chapter twelve. A look at cotton production in Englan and British exports to Latin America -- Chapter thirteen. The decline of the Guatemalan textile industry -- Chapter fourteen. Cabulco fabric samples -- Chapter fifteen. Dye colours -- Chapter sixteen. Watercolours from 1813 of Cabulco and San Cristóbal Totonicapán sent by Friar Domingo Carrascosa -- Chapter seventeen. The Guatemalan watercolours of Léonce Angrand -- Chapter eighteen. Accounts of Guatemalan life in the nineteenth century -- Chapter nineteen. Léonce Angrand's watercolours plates -- Chapter twenty. The Guatemalan sketchbook of Léonce Angrand -- Chapter twenty-one. Angrand's Album 21 -- Chapter twenty-two. Angrand's Album 22 -- Chapter twenty-three. Angrand's Album 23 -- PART TWO / Christopher H. Lutz -- Chapter twenty-four. Guatemalan town in Léonce Angrand's oeuvre: Origins and history to 1850.

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