Bogotá: Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá, 2018. b/w and color plates, facs., ports., chron. (fldg.), hem., bibliographical references (pages 290-292) and index, illus . endpapers, color pict. wrps. Item #112018
ISBN: 9789585991989

"Ricardo Moros Urbina (1865-1942) has been recognized mainly for his work as an engraver of the "Papel Periódico Ilustrado", a publication in Bogota at the end of the 19th century, pioneer of journalistic nature and the massive reproduction of graphic art through xylographic engraving. In this area, Moros and the team of cartoonists, photographers, and engravers of the newspaper, under the direction of Alberto Urdaneta, illustrated the political, cultural and social life of the country, but also stopped to look at the Santafe that slowly disappeared into the changing Bogota of the late 19th century and early 20th century. This is perhaps one of the most interesting features of Moros, but at the same time the least known: his interest in the values of the past and his defense of how to integrate the historical past with urban development" (HKB Translation) --Page 6. CONTENTS: Del artísta, sus obras y escritos / Paula Matiz -- Cuadernos de apuntes : motivos y ejercicios artísticos / Paula Matiz -- Los dibujos al natural de Bogotá / Paula Matiz -- El paso por la escuela de dibujo y grabado / María Constanza Villalobos -- Los grabados del artista en el Papel Periódico ilustrado / María Constanza Villalobos -- La memoria y la gráfica de la antigua y la nueva Santafé entre 1882 y 887 : la ciudad vista a través del Papel Periódico Ilustrado / María Constanza Villalobos -- El artista grabador y los anuncios publicitarios / María Constanza Villalobos -- Cronología / María Constanza Villalobos -- Bibliografía y hemerografía.

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