XURAVET.; Creadores: Evangelina Galindo Reyes ...[and 8 others]. Coordinación de la obra...

Korian, Durango Mexico: Laboratorio de Arte Teti, 2016. handmade book with b/w plates (fldg.), sewn pink bag with green geometric motifs, where book is inserted, bag is tipped-in pict. orange painted wood boards glued to spine, front boardwith a cut out desing where one of the motifs of the bag can be seen, sig. Errata slip inserted. Item #111889

NUMBERED AND SIGNED EDITION OF 50 COPIES. “Edición de 50 ejemplares numerados. Se termino de imprimir el 23 de Enero de 2015 [sic] en Korian (Durango) México. Este libro esta conformado por 11 grabados en linóleo y 11 textos bilingües en serigrafia impresa en papel opalina de 210 gr”. Israel Torres coordinated and taught the Tlillin Ihuan Amatl workshop in which nine Mexicaneros and O'dam youngsters from San Pedro de Xicoras (Mezquital, Durango) wrote in Nahuatl, Tepehuano and Spanish and illustrated and recorded drawings in linoleum and wood about their customs and traditions. In the three months that the workshop lasted, the children / teenagers, between 13 and 15 years of age, elaborated 11 engravings in linoleum and 11 bilingual texts in serigraphy where two engraving techniques were used: wood engraving (engraving in wood) and linoleography (engraved in linoleum). The children oversaw choosing the theme of the book and they all naturally selected Xuravet, a vital ritual of life and a cultural axis of their community. This handmade book was produced as part of a project that Israel began in Guerrero with a Nahuatl community and was later replicated with Mexicaneros for being a more fragile culture and because their language is in danger of extinction. Historically the Mexicaneros have been a very relegated community because there are very few, only two or three communities survive throughout Durango, the importance of this work lies in rescuing their most important ceremony. CONTENTS: Tinta y papel -- San Pedro de Xicoras / Evangelina Galindo Reyes -- Tepustelan / David Villa Cumplido -- El costumbre / Brasileira López Villa -- Carret o altar / Verónica De La Cruz Reyes -- El Mayor de Xuravet / Prisciliana Reyes Solís -- La cacería del venado / Imelda Victoriano De La Cruz -- El pasionero / Miguel Ángel Lincer Reyes -- El musiquero de Xuravet / Ignacio Mendoza Javier -- El baile / David Villa Cumplido -- La Mayora de Xuravet / Norberto De La Cruz Ciriano -- La bendición con agua / Ignacio Mendoza Javier.

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