Lima: Universidad Alas Peruanas, UAP, 2006. b/w and color plates, ports., tbls., gloss., bibliographical references (pages 119-123), color pict. fldg. wrps. Item #111882
ISBN: 9789972210242;997221024

In Ucayali lives one of the most important ethnic groups of our Amazon, the Shipibo-Conibo, descendants of the ancient pano, ethnic family in Ucayali currently has a dozen groups related linguistically but socially and culturally differentiated. The Shipibo-Conibo are known even in Europe and the United States for their excellent manufacturing art, their anthropomorphic ceramics and their fabrics, which have been brought to many museums around the world. They are also appreciated for their ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants. The book by the anthropologist Carlos Dávila, deals precisely with research on traditional medicine, healing plants and bo-conibo beliefs. We sincerely believe that the theme addressed in this work should be taken into account by those research centers or institutions interested in the knowledge and rescue of our ancestral natural heritage, especially in a context in which medicinal plants are subject to growing demand world. The use of plants to treat different evils is a millenary tradition, much older than pharmacological medicine, which began to develop only a century ago. The Shipibo-Conibo have accumulated a great knowledge of the properties of plants, knowledge that has allowed them to treat even evils that do not appear in the treatises of Western medicine, and that sometimes are not even addressed by psychology. We are referring to those conditions that result from "feelings" of illness, and that can sometimes be very serious. CONTENTS: Presentación -- Introducción -- Medicina tradicional en la Amazonía -- Sinopsis etnohistórica -- Etnias del Ucayalí -- Shamanismo y curandería -- Universo etnomédico shipibo -- Sistemas mágicos -- Categorías de aprendizaje -- Breve glosario etnomédico -- Procedimientos mágicos: Ayahuasca, Genios de las plantas, Armas del brujo -- Creencias populares y sentimientos de enfermedad -- Leyendas amazónicas -- Toponimia quechua (runa simi) en el Shipibo-Conibo (Pano) -- Relatorio de plantas medicinales.

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