México, D.F: Artes de México y del Mundo, 2018. color plates, facs., advts., ind., bibliographical references (page 64), color pict fldg. wrps., ISSN 0300-4953. English title from page [65].

LIVE AN EXPERIENCE IN AGUMENTEDED REALITY. Discover how art becomes alive!
Artes de Mexico, Number 130 titled “Culinary Bestiary” (Bestiario Culinario), has two pages with augmented reality in an interactive experience.
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ISBN: 9786074612691(rú

"Revista-libro trimestral" Each chapter of the book has a description of the animal written by a Spanish chronicler and is accompanied by a sketch of the colonial era. Among these descriptions are those of Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, famous for his detailed Florentine Codex, or Miguel del Barco and Francisco Xavier Clavijero, others of the main rapporteurs of the uses and customs of New Spain. Interspersed throughout the bestiary are also verses by great modern poets such as López Velarde, Carlos Pellicer or Juan José Tablada, where they talk about these animals.“In “Artes de Mexico” issue number 122 we conducted an experiment by creating an historical compendium of foods that Mexico gave the world. We included texts by the first Spanish chroniclers, who expressed their surprise and often their prejudices on the topic of thirty-one foods, most of which were plants endemic to the New World […] In this issue, we demonstrate how the ancient were not vegetarians, but consumed a wide variety and quantity of animals and insects, in addition to human flesh –an important aspect of their culture, imbued with ritual meaning.” --Page 66. CONTENTS: Nuestra portada / Efraín Bartolomé, "Ala del Sur" (fragmento) -- Animal que come animal / Margarita Orellana -- Avistamentos del asombro y del sabor / José Luis Trueba Lara -- Animal that eats animal / Margarita Orellana -- Sightings of atonishing beings & flavors / José Luis Trueba Lara -- Platillos rituales. Antropofagia en Mesoamérica / Alfredo López Austin -- Sueño de un recetario: recetas para provocar sueños eróticos. Receta para soñar que se es rey de Inglaterra. Monstro de Papel Alebrije, suplemento de la revista Artes de Mexico, Octubre 2018. ENGLSIH AND SPANISH TEXTS.

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