CHE COMANDANTE.; Diseño e ilustración, José Emilio Leyva Azze ; edición Tatiana Zúñiga Góngora y Manuel Arias Silveira

Holguín, Cuba: Casa Editora Cuadernos Papiro; Ediciones Sensemayá de la Fundación Nicolás Guillén, 2017. of handmade paper, illustrated with linocut prints, bios, manually bound with with white cotton ribbon with line of green stitching down the center through 5 punched holes, collage with part of front page of newspaper "Granma" dated 17 December, 2016 with lithograph print in black ink. The upper case letters CHE form a background for the cursive comandante over it, allowing newsprint to show through uninked areas. Prints on interior pages also made with pieces from newspaper collage, includes one "Certificado de Autenticación" collaged with red ink stamp on first page, loose as issued. Item #110566
ISBN: 9789597163398

NUMBERED AND LIMITED EDITION NUMBER 115 OF 150 COPIES. Letterpress artists' book on handmade paper. "La Casa Editora Cuadernos Papiro, especializada en libros-arte, ubicada en Holguín, Cuba, hace constar que usted posee el ejemplar No.115, de una tirada de 150 ejemplares del libro-arte Che Comandante, de Nicolás Guillén, con idea original y selección de textos a cargo de la Fundación Nicolás Guillén y su sello Ediciones Sensemayá, impresos sobre papel hecho a mano. En cada hoja de papel se utilizaron técnicas tradicionales de elaboración, sin aditamentos químicos. Cada ejemplar fue ilustrado mediante las técnicas del grabado sobre linóleo, la colografía y el collage por José Emilio Leyva Azze. La impresión de textos se realizó en máquinas antiguas: Linotipio Mergenthaler Linotype Co. de 1900, prensas The Gordon and Price Co. de 1899, tipografía del siglo XXVII e impresión directa plano contra plano. Este libro-arte se terminó de imprimir en Cuadernos Papiro, el 12 de may de 2017. Dando fe de lo anterior, Para hacer el papel de este libro no se dañó la naturaleza.” --Certificado de autenticación sheet. CONTENTS: Che Guevara -- Che Comandante -- Guitarra en duelo mayor -- Lectura de domingo.
The editorial Cuadernos Papiro has enjoyed a distinctive uniqueness for over a decade. Situated in a beautiful house of historic Holguin and like any initial dream, it began without resources or infrastructure. Its founders, in the nineties of the last century, committed the beautiful madness of creating a workshop to make ecological handmade paper. Those acute times of crisis required urgent solutions to provide the artists of suitable support for their artwork. Then it began a process of laborious and ecological papermaking. Today, more than forty types of papeblanco are produced, with color and recycled with various fibers that meet the most stringent parameters of quality and resistance. To make this paper a tree is not cut, nature is not damaged. In 2000 they took advantage of the dismantling of many old printers by technological change that imposed the digital era, and were acquired for the local beautiful machines with American technology of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, with the dual aim of making books and display them on a rising living museum of graphic arts. The editions are limited to one hundred numbered copies, and each book is designed by leading artists.

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