México, D.F: Instituto Nacional de Antrología e Historia, INAH, Secretaria de Cultura, 2016. pict. wrps. Item #108742
ISBN: 9786074848717

Enrique Juan Palacios Mendoza (1881-1953) was one of the archaeologists who shaped the institutionalization and professionalization of archaeology in Mexico. His career and legacy, however, have been submerged in the gloom of forgetting our memory, despite the importance of his work. Contemporary with Manuel Gamio, Ignacio Marquina and Eduardo Noguera, among others, Palacios kept alive the nineteenth-century tradition of reading viceroyal sources and codices during the first half of the 20th century, being one of the main teachers of these topics in the Anthropology School. In the historical-archaeological studies of Mexico. Its development over four centuries, originally published in various installments in the SEP Bulletin between 1929 and 1930 and compiled here, Palacios offers us a tour through the main sources for historical-archaeological studies from the 16th century up to the XIX. His work not only accounts for the reviewed works, their writers, "discoverers", editors and critics, but also allows us to glimpse the problems and questions that troubled the generation that managed archeology as a discipline and of which Palacios is representative. CONTENTS: Agradecimientos -- Preambulo -- El espiritu de los pueblos -- Los estudios historicos-arqueologicos de México -- Su desarrollo a traves de cuatro siglos -- Primeros materiales -- Las piedras angulares -- Escritores aborigenes -- Escritores españoles del segundo periodo -- Tercer periodo -- Siglo XVIII. Boturini y Veytia-Gama y Claviejero -- Resumen de los estudios del siglo XVIII.

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