SEGALL REALISTA.; Curadoria Tadeu Chiarelli. Textos: Paulo Skaf...[and others]

São Paulo: Centro Cultural FIESP Galeria do Arte do SESEI; Museo Lasar Segall, 29 de janeiro a 16 de março de 2008. color, duo tone & b/w plates, ports., facs., bibliographical references., cat., bio/chron., color pict. fldg. wrps. Item #108065

Lasar Segall Museum celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the death of his patron and his own forty years of existence. It is time to recognize the initiative unique artist's wife, Jenny Klabin Segall, idealizing Museum, and his sons and Mauricio Segall and Oscar Klabin Segall, who created not only a museum toward the preservation and dissemination of the work of one of the most important artists in the history of art Brazilian, but also a culture of responsible home by the formation of numerous artists, photographers, filmmakers and educators in the city of São Paulo. Throughout these years, especially after the merger, Since 1985, the Institute of Historic and National Art - IPHAN, the Ministry of Culture, the Museum fulfill the mission with commitment to publicize the work of Lasar Segall through countless group and solo exhibitions in Brazil and overseas publications on his work and a comprehensive educational program in the country of reference. This exhibition, organized by Tadeu Chiarelli, professor at the University of São Paulo, examines the Segall painting in the context of European art and Brazilian modernism. From this perspective, the screens Segall show be the result of a pictorial dialogue intense with tradition and modernity. More that reveal an artist who knew how to attend aesthetic controversies of his time but, above all, deeply engaged with the subject of his art. Few yeas after Laser Sagall (b. Lithuania 1891, moved to Brazil - d. 1957) moved his residence to Sao Paulo, he inaugurated in 1928 his first exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in the Palace Hotel of the Rio Branco Avenue, where he revealed the first Brazilian phase of his paintings. Eighty years later a retrospective exhibition opens in the same city. Organized by Tadeu Chiarelli, professor of the University of Sao Paulo, the book examines the period critical texts written on the art of Segall setup in the context of European Expressionism art and Brazilian modernism. . Includes an accompanying catalogue of the exhibition "Entre luz e sombra: Segall e o Rio" (Between light and shadow: Segall and the river)-a module that included a selection of forty "carioca" works that dialogue with the exhibition of "realistic Segall". CONTENTS: Segall realista / Tadeu Chiarelli -- Obras -- Textos de época -- Laser Sagall (1924) / Mario de Andrade -- Laser Sagall (1924) / Mario de Andrade -- Laser Sagall (1925) / Mario de Andrade -- Laser Sagall (1927) / Mario de Andrade -- Expressionismo (1928) / Mario de Andrade -- Laser Sagall (1933) / Mario de Andrade -- Segall escultor (1935) / Geraldo Ferraz -- Laser Sagall (1943) / Mario de Andrade -- O oval e a linha reta (1944) / Roger bastide -- Cronología -- Exposições -- Obras expostas.

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