São Paulo: Fundação Pierre Verger; Governo de Estado de Sao Paulo, 2015. b/w and color plates, recipes, color pict. boards. Item #106272
ISBN: 9788588971141

"Cooking History: recipes, stories and myths of Afro-Brazilian dishes" is the result of the work developed in the creative cooking workshop "Cooking History" offered by the Pierre Verger Cultural Space. The volume, organized by Josmar Fregonese, Marlene Jesus da Costa and Nancy de Souza, brings together ideas, recipes and stories that, over six years, have been perfecting and consolidating the enterprise of the three authors. This book would not exist without place where it was conceived, fruit of a long history and unfolding of previous activities, developed in the Cultural Space Pierre Verger. This space is part of the Pierre Verger Foundation, founded in 1988 and dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the collection of photographer and researcher Pierre Fatumbi Verger (1902 - 1996). Among the various workshops held in the Cultural Space for more than a decade, since 2009 has been the Creative Cooking workshop. It began with afro-Brazilian storytelling for children. Called "Cooking history (s)" because each prepared recipe was accompanied by a story about its origin or a myth of orixá that explained that food. CONTENTS: Apresentação -- Salgados: Amalia -- Carurur -- Abara -- Acaraje -- Molho de pimienta para acaraje -- Vatape -- Ipete -- Mulukun -- Feijoada -- Arroz de Huaca -- Oguede -- Maxixada -- Moqueca de Peixe -- Efo -- Doces: Bolinho de Estudiante -- Cocada Puxa -- Bolo de Aipim -- Bolo de Fuba -- Cuscuz de Tapioca -- Lele -- Mingau de Carima -- Amoda -- acaca -- Anexo.

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