MAQUINARIO.; Ilustraciones y texto… Colección Maquinaria Fantástica

México: Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, ENAP, 2011; 2014 (signed). one wood box (28x25x6.5 cm) with two metal piano hinges in one side and a metal latch on the other, outside of box one compass fitted inside a specially made hole, and inside the top is covered with silk decorated fabric. The box is divided into two sections: a larger section comprises a large cushion with silk decorated case on bottom and red silk ribbon to "facilitate the extraction" of the 57 large postcards (18x13.5cm) with color plates and text, one fldg. poster "Eliminador de insomnio y revelador de sueños" (35x28 cm), and 16 stickers (different sizes) inside fldg. protective orange rice paper. The smaller division of the box contains One small cushion with silk decorated case on bottom and on top 1 small red spine note pad (11x3 cm) with tipped-in cut-out heart in front page; one vintage burnt out bulb (Electronic Vacuum Tube) and a small bottle with cork containig one white feather (folded), two pins, one purple feather, a ring and orange beads, both wrapped in protective bubble paper; sig. Item #103394

SIGNED AND LIMITED EDITION OF ARTIST BOOK CREATED BY artist Patricia "Paty" Blanco (b. Xalapa, Veracruz 1978) who at "present is playing to be an alchemist in her engraving workshop, experimenting with animation and collaborates in the magazine "El Chamuco" where she gives life to "Gumaro" a an insignificant mailman with bad luck whose only goal is to deliver his mail." (Our translation) --Last postcard. Contents: Contenido I -- Maquinas de uso personal -- Máquinas sanadoras de uso comunitário -- Máquinas lúdicas de uso comunitário -- Contenido II -- Una brújula -- Um frasco para emergências -- Um objeto digno de ser observado: bulbo, foco, dado, etc. -- Dos almoadillas y um listón.

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