REVISTA MONOLITO. ARQUITETURA COMO CULTURA, NO. 14(2013):; Textos: Adélia Borges, Fernando Serapião, Hans Ulrich Obrist e Marlene Acayaba; Fotos: Ana Ottoni, Leo Finotti e Nelson Kon

São Paulo: Monolito, abril/maio 2013. color & b/w plates, advts., bios., ports., facs., ports., plans, maeas. diags., color pict. wrps, ISSN: 2179-748X. Item #102664
ISBN: 9772179748007

Monographic architecture journal, each edition presents a specific topic, which may be the work of an architect, a group of buildings in a particular place or type, such as homes or museums. "Monolito" is a cultural magazine, and non-technical intended not only to architects, but also to all readers interested in the subject. Editor in chief is Fernando Serapião and the editorial board includes professionals linked to culture, but with an interest in architecture: André Corrêa do Lago a diplomat, architecture critic and member of the Design Committee of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Nova York; Agnaldo Farias, art critic and professor of the FAU/USP, curator of the 29ª Bienal de Artes de São Paulo; Carlos Wendel Magalhães diretor of Cinemateca Brasileira; Cristiano Mascaro, a photographer and Mauro Munhoz, architect and General Director of Casa Azul, the company in charge of organizing the Festa Literária de Paraty (Flip). This number is dedicated to the house of the architect, a building where the architect can create for his/her own use, experimenting with designed technologies, forms and spaces, with innovative domestic arrangements. Through this optic, the architect is able to generate a private utopia loaded by idealism, proposing parallel universes that survive their authors. But the counterpart of freedom maybe it's anguish: now that you can do everything, what are you going to do now? Contents: Haicai / Marcelo Ferraz -- Cenas da vida. Espelhos de pedra / de Fernando Serapião -- Ensaios fotográficos / Nelson Kon e Ana Ottoni -- Artigo. O interior está no exterior / Hans Ulrich Obrist -- Reportagem. A casa-bola, uma trajetória de vida / Adélia Borges -- Depoimento. Magnólias 70 / Marlene Milan Acayaba -- Alea jacta est -- Projetos: Eduardo Longo -- Marcos Acayaba -- Allen Roscoe -- Guilherme Paoliello -- Marcelo Ferraz -- Carla Juaçaba e Mário Fraga -- Roberto Moita -- Anderson Freitas e Juliana Antunes -- Cristina Xavier -- Danilo e Juliana Assali. ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE.

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