PORTUGUESE DOCUMENTS: POST-SALAZAR REGIME MISCELLANEOUS EPHEMERA: ; 1. BROCHURE: Materialismo Histórico, Ediçao do Partido Revolucionário dos Trabalhadores (PRT), c1970, (12)p., 29.5cm. Mimeographic edition staple bound containing printed essay with the methodological approach of Historical materialism of society, economics, and history based on the sociology theory of Karl Marx (1818-1883). 3 COPIES 2. BROCHURE: História das Lógicas. "NOTA: Este texto foi tirado do livro "Lógica e Ciências Modernas" de N. Moreno" -Pages [5]. Mimeographic edition staple bound containing printed a partial text of the book "Lógica marxista y ciencias modernas" (1973) by Argentinean Nahuel Moreno, a controversial figure and an active participant of the Trotskyist International Movement and the left party in Argentina 3. FLYER: Viva o Partido! Viva o 18 de Setembro! Comício Nacional, Campo Pequeno 21 h. (Portugal), MRPP (Movimento Reconstitutivo do Partido do Proletariado), 14 de Setembro de 1975, 1 l, 30cm. Red and black 4. FLYER: Viva o 1° de Outubro: 26° Aniversário da fundaçao da República Popular da China. A.A.P.C. (Associação de Amizade Portugal-China) [Portugal, 1975], 1 l, 30cm.

Portugal: Partido Revolucionário dos Trabalhadores (PRT); MRPP (Movimento Reconstitutivo do Partido do Proletariado), 1974-1976. Item #102398

A collection of flyers and brochuress from Portugal's political party PRT published during the Continuing Revolutionary Process (Processo Revolucionário em Curso, or PREC) a 2-year social period marked by constant friction between liberal democratic forces and communist parties that lasted until November 1975. This process followed the bloodless Carnation Revolution (Revolução dos Cravos) a social movement against the authoritarian right-wing regime presided by dictator and President of the Council of Ministers António de Oliveira Salazar that controlled the social, economic, cultural and political life of Portugal from 1933 to 1974 . Sold as set.

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